I woke up this morning ready to go. Was up at six, took the dogs for a walk, made some breakfast, went through my email (and deleted a bunch too), fed the dogs, looked at the morning news to see if was time to get on a plane and leave the country and then finally sat down to start working.

I’d been spending some time on a few new projects, a couple of book ideas and looking forward to a big launch in time for the holidays. Exciting stuff and my goal for the day was to solidify some of these projects and outline each one. But I must say, that no matter what path you’re on in your profession, the best laid plans can suddenly come to a screeching halt.


It’s called life.


You know how it can go. The school called and your child is sick, or worse, was in a fight, and you need to pick them up immediately.

So much for that afternoon meeting you’d been planning all week.


This one is even better. You’ve been asked to prepare a presentation to the executive board at your firm about “The Effects of Poor Air Quality on Children,” and the morning of the meeting you’re asked to scratch the first topic and speak to “Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the Effects on Transportation Infrastructure.”

Seriously? Does anyone even care? A little notice would have been great.


CLS-Live Your Now

Me and my dog, Sheba

But this last one takes the cake.


The dog that you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on in training is now said to be anxious and… wait for it… stressed out. Stressed out? Why? How? She gets everything she needs. She has the best dog food money can buy. Gets more exercise than the average person with a gym membership. Has a palace for a kennel, not to mention full run of the house. Has her own padded area in the back of the SUV and even real food to add to her dog food. You know. Human food that I’ve been told “is good for her system and keeps her body working beautifully.” Ugh.

And she’s stressed? I don’t get it.

But there’s still more. Both my vet and the “new” trainer (because we’ve had a few) have said she needs Prozac. Oh – my – goodness. Are they serious? Now who’s stressed out? A dog on Prozac? MY dog on Prozac?


So here I am today, ready to conquer the world. Everything is in order and the day is off to a great start, even my Prozac dog is doing well and having a good morning.


Then the unthinkable happens.


I reach in the cupboard for the coffee and the jar is empty. Are you kidding? Then I remember that I forgot to pick some up last night at the store. I can’t believe it. Everything was running smoothly but now I have no coffee, and if you’re like me, you know that coffee is just a part of the day. It’s a must.

Well, I’m not going to let this coffee thing stop my momentum. I’m going to put some other clothes back on (I’d put on my “comfy clothes” getting ready to do some writing in my home office) and take myself right down to the market and buy some coffee. Then, I’ll be ready to start my day.


So the moral of all of this craziness is that no matter what you do in life, what job you may have or where you call your place of work, stuff happens. There is and will always be something that gets in the way of your routine stifling your creativity. But it’s just a momentary distraction.

Pull yourself together, gather your thoughts and get back on track. If I can do it, Prozac, coffee and all, you can do it too. We’re in this thing called life together. Let’s make the best of it and have some fun too.


What are some of your craziest distractions?