Life has a funny and unique way of handing us “life lessons,” and sometimes those “lessons” can be a bit more difficult than we’d like. However, we do know that one thing is for certain. There will always be trials, mishaps, misfortunes and hardships. And, each will come at a time of inconvenience and when we are not ready or prepared for all that it will bring. The objective is to ride the wave with dignity, understanding, patience and a mind open to learning,


Here’s a bit of my story.

When I was 27, my husband passed away. He had been sick for three years and the battle was hard. We were also raising three young children during this time and striving to keep their lives as normal as possible. It was tough and in my mind, unfair.


Shortly after he had passed, I found myself struggling to gain understanding and dealing with not only my pain and heartbreak, but that of my children too. No one prepares you for this and there is no manual that will offer answers to the grief that would ensue.


But we were finding our way. We were pushing through, together, and seeking God’s grace during this time.


CLS-Live Your Now


I was starting a new job, had just hired a babysitter (as this was something we had never needed previously since my husband and I worked from home) and was charting a path, a new path, for us to follow that would help place us on solid ground again.


It was scary and I surely was not certain of anything.


Then everything seemed to go wrong. As if we weren’t dealing with enough, the house flooded due to a broken pipe, all three of the kids came down with the chicken pox and the babysitter quit, my son was struck in the head with a golf club and rushed to emergency and then the puppy died. All of this was within 6 weeks of losing my soul mate. And, there was more (I’ll add that to my book).


I thought I was losing my mind.


I remember standing in the hallway, crying, and asking, “What else can go wrong? Why me? Why is all of this happening to me?” I was hysterical. I was hurting. My kids were hurting. Then, I could almost hear the words out loud, “Why not you? Would you want this pain to be placed on someone else?”

“Of course not,” I thought.


And, there I was. Broken. Hurting. Feeling as though there was no hope. That somehow I had failed and was being punished.


Everything was going wrong and it seemed there was no end in sight.


So what did I do? I wiped my face, blew my nose and I started to fight back and to find my way forward.


There is no easy way to “go through” hard times unscathed. It hurts. It’s painful. But, in time, the path will change direction and there will be a road of beauty, joy and growth.


My journey was one that not many travel, but for some reason, it was mine. I knew there were lessons to be learned. I knew that there was growth to be obtained. And, I knew I had to instill courage into my children through grace and love.


Was it easy? Of course not. But we never gave up.


If you are finding yourself asking ” What Do You Do When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong?” follow these steps. I can’t promise you a road free of speed bumps and potholes, but I can undoubtedly say that you will learn more about yourself and will gain wisdom that will lead you through a life of amazement and gratitude. This is your life and remember, Live Your Now.


  1.   Never give up
  2.   Fight and never give in to the circumstances around you
  3.   Pray and ask for strength in whatever way you know to pray
  4.   Be gentle and kind
  5.   Lead with love and grace
  6.   Help others so your focus is not on yourself
  7.   Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance
  8.   Allow wisdom to lead you, not emotions
  9.   Be thoughtful in your responses and requests as you communicate with those around you
  10.   Be an example. People are watching
  11.   Understand that with each setback is an opportunity for growth if you learn the lesson
  12.   Be conscientious of your attitude. Walk with integrity
  13.   Know that the more you “go through” the greater will be your reward
  14.   Never quit the lesson. You’re in a difficult situation for a reason. If you miss the lesson, you will indeed find yourself facing it again at a later time
  15.   Be thankful, as hard as it may be. If you focus on all that you have, what you don’t have will become almost non existent

What do you do when everything seems to be going wrong in your life? Share your secrets.