Over the years, I’ve often heard people talking about meditating. They would speak about about the clarity it brings into their lives or the direction it would give them when seeking answers about some big decision they were going to make. I didn’t think much of it. In fact, it even seemed a bit silly to me.

I was one who always just thought about something and acted on it. It always seemed to turn out all right from what I could tell. But I have to admit. I was a bit curious about the whole meditation thing. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to it than I thought, and if so, could it make a difference in my life?

The results have been fantastic. I've seen significant changes in my life in the areas that I take with me to "the zone." I don't just act impulsively as much. I think on thing and I ponder the best course of action. I gain clarity and a deeper understanding specific to my goals and dreams.


So I began to put meditation to the test.


I needed to figure out what meditation would mean to me in my life and determine how I would best incorporate it into my daily routine. One thing I did know was that I wanted clarity on some of my business goals, as well as personal ones too. I not only wanted to focus on these areas but I also wanted to find a way to have more peace in my life whether things were going according to plan or not. Could meditation help with this? From what I was learning, I felt it could.


This is what I did.


  1. Pick 5 things in your life your looking to change – It could be in your relationships, your work, maybe you’re looking to take a trip or your wanting to write a book but not sure where to begin. Whatever the case may be, take these five things and write them on a piece of paper (you’ll add more later, so don’t worry).


  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal – I know, I know. You may not want to get up earlier in the morning because that extra sleep is precious. But, what if I told you that giving those extra 30 minutes to meditation could mean a more profitable business, a more meaningful relationship with your significant other and/or children and an even more solid financial foundation for years to come? I bet you’d have no trouble giving up those few minutes of slumber with a much clearer picture of an amazing future.


  1. Find some relaxing meditation music – If you don’t know where to start, Google it. There are some great playlists on YouTube that will get you started. Once you do this a few times, you’ll determine which style is best for you. But to start, it should be something soothing that will allow your mind and spirit to be free. Nothing with lyrics; only instrumental.


  1. Pick a place that will become your “meditation zone” – This could be your bed, a couch, the floor or even a recliner. Whatever location you choose, it should be free from interruptions, loud noises, phones ringing, people walking in and out and even dogs bothering you for their morning walk. This is your time to focus on you. No one else. Pick a place that is comfortable, that incites creativity and freedom, giving you the space to find answers and solutions. Once you’ve chosen your spot, don’t change it. Let this be where you go for clarity. Over time you may change to another location, but allow yourself time to find your place in the “meditation zone.”


  1. Let the meditation begin – It’s time to start. Put your music on. Go to your “zone” and clear your mind. Begin thinking of the five things that you listed on your paper. Think of each one separately and how they are a part of your life. How do you want these things to change? How do you want them to grow? Do they need to stay in your life or should they go? Are you seeking answers or direction? Spend time with each one and see the potential in it. See the way in which it will change your life and the good that will come from it. Let your mind be free to discover that which has not yet been revealed. Don’t turn your thoughts away from any aspect of your meditation. The good will in time show its face.


The results have been fantastic. I’ve seen significant changes in my life in the areas that I take with me to “the zone.” I don’t just act impulsively as much. I think on thing and I ponder the best course of action. I gain clarity and a deeper understanding specific to my goals and dreams.

As you become more comfortable with your meditation practices, you’ll begin to recognize the benefits quickly. You’ll begin to see how these 30 minutes are making an enormous impact in your life. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the results right away. Be patient. It will come. This is just the beginning to a wonderful road of self-discovery.

Do you meditate on a regular basis? What meditation techniques to you use?