If you have a dog, you already know how amazing they can be. They are cute, lovable, quirky, goofy and even drive us crazy at times. The funny thing about owning a dog is that we often end up loving them more than our favorite humans, in a doggie sort of way.

So what is the allure? What makes these four-legged furballs so special? The bottom line is that they have traits about them that we wish we had, and being around them makes us feel good.


Cheryl Lynn Smith-Dogs

Here are the five main reasons your dog is smarter than you.

  1. Dogs are always happy

There isn’t a day that goes by when you won’t see your dog wagging his tail. Whether he is outside playing, in the house jumping on furniture, getting ready to get his favorite treat or even getting in trouble for digging up the flowers in the yard, he’s always happy. You are his hero, his friend, his everything. We have so much to be happy about in our everyday lives, even when things aren’t going as well as we’d like, but it seems we will often focus on the negative vs. focusing on all of the blessings that surround us. If we can be a bit more like our dogs, we would learn to be happy, taking the good with the bad, and enjoying our journey.

  1. Dogs know how to “let it go”

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “let it go.” I know I have and I know this has been something I’ve told myself over the years in various situations. But dogs just seem to know exactly how to do this. No one has to teach it to them. They just do it. We can be upset with them for something they’ve done wrong and two minutes later they come right back wagging their tail and licking our faces eagerly awaiting that pat on the head and the infamous belly rub. Of course, they may do something wrong again, but they won’t let it bother them. They’ll take it all in stride and then “let it go.” Imagine all of grief and heartache we’d save ourselves if we could just “let it go.”

  1. Dogs have no issue with self doubt

We are always wanting to change ourselves in some form or fashion. We think we’re too fat, too skinny or too old or too young. We want curly hair or straight hair. We wish we had a certain skill or could talk more eloquently. It seems we’re never satisfied with the unique person we see standing in front of the mirror. However, a dog never thinks about his personality or appearance for one moment. Whether he’s a mutt with eight different breeds in him or he’s a stray that someone found on the street or that purebred from an established breeder, he’s just happy to be himself and with the people who love him. Nothing else matters.

  1. Dogs are dependable and loyal

There’s nothing better than having friends and family that you can count on. Whether you’re waiting for your aunt to bring her infamous potato salad to the family picnic, waiting for your friend to pick you up from the auto repair shop or getting the information needed from your coworker to complete your presentation, being able to depend on people means everything. Dogs just seem to know how to do this in the most expert way. No matter how bad our day may have been at work, when we get home we know that little “Skippy” will be eagerly awaiting our arrival, wagging his tail and anxiously awaiting that smile and pat on the head. This type of loyalty is what gets us through each day and keeps us grounded. Imagine if we treated our own relationships with the same degree of integrity and dependability?

  1. Dogs love unconditionally

How many times has someone made us mad or hurt us in a way that leaves us broken hearted? We take each instance personally and often wonder how we can even forgive these acts of mistrust. But not our faithful canine friend. He loses no sleep over the fact that we forgot to give him a treat when we came home or the fact that we didn’t show him any affection when we woke up in the morning. Nope. He’s just excited to be with us. To know that at some point we will give him that hug he so desperately loves.

So, take some time to learn the finer qualities of your dogs. Cut yourself some slack and live in the moment. You’ll find yourself living life and just as happy as your canine friend.