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Live a life of fulfillment, expectation and gratitude with my “Live Your Now” Playbook.

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Be the extraordinary with my Communication Mastery Guide.

"Never let anything stand in the way of making your dream a reality."

Cheryl L. Smith
#1 Best Selling Author

Cheryl Lynn Smith - #1 best selling author

Cheryl Lynn Smith


Welcome! My name is Cheryl Lynn Smith and I’m so glad you’re here joining me on a journey to a more abundant life.

From struggles to successes, from fears to achievements, I’ve learned that we all have a passion to live an abundant life. The road may be tough, but there will always be a rainbow at the end of each storm. (read more)

Cheryl L. Smith



Are you ready to take charge of your life?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of bouncing an idea or a thought off of another person. That’s what I’m here for. Let’s get you started on your journey today. It’s time for you to LIVE YOUR NOW!

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